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Land & Water Australia Legacy Conference

Knowledge for Managing Australian Landscapes, Shine Dome, Canberra 18-19 May 2010

This conference explored the knowledge that Australia needs to better manage its natural resources in an increasingly challenging policy, social and biophysical context.

It did so through the lens of the research portfolio of Land & Water Australia. Leading Australian researchers and NRM practitioners were asked to distil the lessons from the 1800 or so projects/programs funded by LWRRDC/LWA over the last 20 years.

The conference considered the specific knowledge content and remaining gaps in four broad themes as outlined below, and also how best to procure, coordinate and manage the associated research activities and outputs.

Triple Helix Consulting, in conjunction with the Australian River Restoration Centre, convened, organised and under-wrote this conference.

The Australian Academy of Science generously provided its magnificent Shine Dome at no cost.

The conference dinner on 18 May at University House at the Australian National University was addressed by the Hon John Kerin AM, former Minister for Primary Industries and Energy.

Download » conference program

Knowledge: reflections on funding and managing applied research

Topic Speaker Audio Power Point 
(with audio)
Design Principles for intelligent research investment Andrew Campbell MP3 Power Point
Evaluating an applied research portfolio Peter Chudleigh et al MP3 Power Point
National Land and Water Resources Audit Blair Wood et al MP3 Power Point
Knowledge for regional NRM Jane Chrystal et al MP3 Power Point
Learnings from a time of reflection Richard Stirzaker MP3 Power Point
The five Ps: managing knowledge for adoption Siwan Lovett MP3 Power Point
Land & Water Australia’s Legacy Rohan Boehm MP3  

People, institutions and policy

Topic Speaker Audio Power Point
(with audio)
Social and institutional research Steve Dovers & Richard Price MP3 Power Point
Indigenous NRM and knowledge Rosemary Hill MP3 Power Point
The changing demography of rural Australia Neil Barr MP3 Power Point
Motivating People Carl Binning MP3 Power Point
Rural sustainability, laws and institutions Paul Martin MP3 Power Point
Ecosystem Services and Futures thinking Steve Cork MP3 Power Point

Sustaining primary industries

Topic Speaker Audio Power Point
(with audio)
Producer-driven R&D - Sustainable Grazing Systems case study Tom Dunbabin et al MP3 Power Point
Managing Climate Variability Ian McClelland MP3 Power Point
Cotton Best Management Practices Mike Logan MP3 Power Point
National Irrigation Research Steve Mills & Brett Tucker MP3 Power Point
National Climate Change Strategy for Primary Industries Mark Howden MP3 Power Point
Healthy Soils for Sustainable Farms Pauline Mele MP3 Power Point
Redesigning Agriculture for Australian Landscapes John Williams MP3 Power Point
Towards a biofuel economy Barney Foran MP3 Power Point

Australian landscapes and ecosystems

Topic Speaker Audio Power Point
(with audio)
National Dryland Salinity Program: a knowledge partnership Kevin Goss et al MP3 Power Point
Desert and northern Australia Mark Stafford Smith et al MP3 Power Point
Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRaCK) Michael Douglas et al MP3 Power Point
Riparian Lands Ian Rutherfurd et al MP3 Power Point
Groundwater-dependent ecosystems and groundwater/surface water interaction Rick Evans MP3 Power Point
Assessing River Health:AusRivas Richard Norris MP3 Power Point
Eutrophication and Environmental Water Richard Davis MP3 Power Point
Remnant Vegetation ecology and management principles David Lindenmayer MP3 Power Point
Landscape ecology concepts and management principles Sue McIntyre et al MP3 Power Point
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Anu Kumar MP3 Power Point

Conference questions and wrap ups

Topic Speaker Audio Power Point
(with audio)
Day 1 wrap up Jason Alexandra MP3 Power Point
People session wrap up Dave Pannell MP3 Power Point
Audience question time   MP3  
Conference wrap up Ted Lefroy MP3 Power Point
Conference close Siwan Lovett MP3  


Over the twenty years 1990-2009, the people at Land & Water Australia learned and contributed a great deal in terms of science and policy understanding about managing Australian landscapes. They also learned a great deal about the business of investing in collaborative applied research, development and extension.

These insights are reflected in the following publications: