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Website will be NPSI’s information portal

Access to project reports and other information will continue to be available on the NPSI website.

Preparing for changes in policy and climate

Part of NPSI’s investment portfolio has been preparation for the future. In Western Australia a project titled Preparing irrigated agriculture for statutory and climate change in the south west of WA has recently been completed.

Handy fertigation fact sheet

Although the NPSI website has information on fertigation in research report and bulletin forms, a single page fact sheet produced by NSW Primary Industries for a field day in Mildura will serve as a handy checklist of key considerations and where to go for further information.

Knowledge and activities won’t stop

It is clear from NPSI partners that although the co-ordinated collaborative funding model of NPSI is concluding, projects can have a roll on effect where industry is inspired to test and extend findings.

R&D is everywhere in tablegrape production

Research inputs to successful tablegrape production can be seen across the board, according to Robinvale grower Bruno Constantino. In addition to a better understanding of soil and water, and improved irrigation practices, he says, science can be found in better rootstocks and budwood, as well as disease resistance.

If water can’t be cut, use it efficiently

With water being the second highest cost, after labour, dried vine fruit production relies on efficient use of water. It is not an input that can be drastically cut as an easy means of reducing costs because it is the sun and water which make berries plump and engineer the production of sugar and flavour in our dried sultanas, muscats and currants. Stephen Bennett of Merbein is one of those with a long family history in dried vine fruit who is using advanced technologies emerging from research to (more)…