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Final Reports

The diverse nature of NPSI investments is shown in two final reports which have just been completed. One concerns research into use of oxygation as a technique on various Queensland crops, while the other has an extension focus for WA vegetable growers.

Study shows irrigators accept and adopt R&D to suit needs

Irrigators will introduce new technologies but the pace of this depends on personal circumstances, including finances, their business development aspirations and the need to test and adapt to suit operations.

Almond growers take out the guesswork

Modern irrigation systems are helping to reduce risks and remove some of the guesswork in almond production.

Biodiversity study completed

Among categories of investment has been the environment and irrigation nexus. A recent illustration is the completion of a study by CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences into the effects on biodiversity of changed irrigation regimes in NSW’s Riverina region. Among changes has been a reduction in the extent of wet areas that have been part of ricegrowing.

New information about citrus fertigation

A major investment in research into improved methods of applying water and nutrients to citrus has resulted in an important contribution to the science in this area as well as techniques that can be applied by growers to improve their operations.

New tools may provide an easy means of charting water flow

If water source parameters can be easily and accurately measured there will be a better understanding of changes taking place and how to manage them. For this reason NPSI has supported research that will deliver new tools for the future.

Orchard soils can be turned around

Australian soils go hard in orchards. This is because they are not well structured, unlike the most productive soils of the world which remain loose, soft and porous.