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Fact sheet sums up findings on resilience

Australian irrigators are under increasing pressure to cut costs and use water efficiently.

Knowledge is a cornerstone of irrigation management

The importance of research was highlighted in a recent speech by the National Water Commission Chair, Chloe Munro, who stated:
“One of the cornerstones of improved water management is better knowledge, science and information. There has been significant investment in these areas, particularly through the programs that were funded as part of the National Water Initiative implementation package. Despite this, the gaps are considerable and the need for new (more)…

Efficient application of irrigation water

NPSI has assisted Irrigation Australia with production of a manual about understanding drip irrigation (above ground and sub surface) and how best to apply it.

Making better use of stored water

Along with the CRC for Irrigation Futures, the CRC for Polymers, and various other parties, NPSI has contributed to knowledge and techniques that will make better use of stored water, including reduction of evaporative loss.

Investing in people

Each year NPSI provides summer scholarships enabling several students to gain supervised experience in various aspects of irrigation research. Travel fellowships are also offered. These programs aim to provide experience, expand knowledge and encourage smart young people into careers in irrigation research.

Investing in technology

The Irrigation Australia conference presentations and exhibition showed many advances in applied irrigation technologies.

Improving performance of irrigated cotton and grains

Using land for both cotton and grains to take advantage of land resources and moisture reserves can mean economic and water use efficiency gains.

Benchmarking and knowing individual performance, as well as understanding the options available, will aid decision-making. Speakers at the conference who addressed this subject were Janelle Montgomery of Industry and Investment NSW and Brendan Power from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries