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Soil is a key to boosting irrigation productivity

Food production in Australia can be greatly increased without putting pressure on limited water supplies.

Don’t let water saving potential evaporate

Evaporation accounts for the biggest water losses in the nation, which means the potential shown from recent evaporation research and development, involving on-farm and major storage trials, should continue to be explored.

On-property technologies reduce evaporation

Farm dam management has been a particular interest of the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation, with much of the work undertaken by Deb Atkins of Industry Investment NSW in a collaborative project as part of the former CRC for Irrigation Futures.

Action in the delivery system

National Program for Sustainable Irrigation partner Goulburn-Murray Water is making a major contribution to the evaluation of thin films, or monolayers, which can spread over water surfaces to reduce evaporation.

Curtailing evaporation in major storages

The National Program for Sustainable Irrigation has had an active interest in evaporation as a researchable issue for more than 10 years, looking at the big picture as well as farm-based practices to reduce evaporative loss. It was a sponsor of an international workshop at the Gold Coast in 2009, for example, to address priorities and foster the exchange of knowledge.

Precision irrigation findings

Two recent reports provide valuable information about precision irrigation.

NPSI announces 2010-2011 student scholarships

The National Program for Sustainable Irrigation has selected students to undertake short term research scholarships this summer under the supervision of leading scientists. Each year four scholarships, each valued at $6,000, are provided to students completing the senior year of their university studies.