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High value production is the future

High value horticulture is the future for Sunraysia’s communities, considering economic as well as environmental challenges.

A water on demand system keeps pace with producers

Development of a sophisticated water delivery system by the Central Irrigation Trust (CIT) in the Riverland is seen as a natural response to serve irrigated industries which are very much aware of crop water demands.

Maintenance emerges as a major water saver

Under pressure to find any way of squeezing more from their irrigation, producers are finding scope for lifting efficiency through drip system maintenance.

Filtering of water helps with precise allocation of inputs

An investment in a pumping system with associated equipment for filtering and fertigation has been a foundation for irrigation efficiency on a Berri vineyard.

Tablegrape producers reach high levels of efficiency

Customer acceptance of only the highest quality tablegrapes makes Robinvale growers very discerning about every aspect of production, including the use of water.

Citrus irrigation can be fine-tuned

Drip irrigation has been questioned for its power to deliver sufficient water to citrus in hot climates but some growers have found it can be managed with excellent results.

Flavour boosts desire for stonefruit

Appearance may attract but it is the flavour that will determine how keen consumers will be to return to buy more stonefruit.