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Greening cities in dry times

Maintaining our urban green spaces (parks, playing fields, golf courses, gardens) provides significant social and economic benefits.

Recycled water has a place in horticulture

Recycled water is a safe and sustainable water source for the production of horticultural crops as demonstrated by the success of numerous recycled water schemes across Australia. With an understanding of the issues associated with recycled water use and how these can be managed, the benefits of securing an alternative high reliability water source can be realised.

Irrigating cherries in warm climates can be efficient

Irrigation and orchard floor management can combine to make cherry growing a sustainable business in warm climates.

Irrigation allows almonds to grow in an ideal place

When Century Orchards Pty Ltd selected a site and planned its layout using the most advanced irrigation system available it started out on the right foot.

Irrigators and researchers share knowledge seminars

With major investments underway in irrigation modernisation around the country, it is opportune to bring the key players and to hear from industry about their R&D needs and priorities.

Water science assessment suggests a better model

Research into water in Australia will deliver more for the environment and more for rural production through a system of management that incorporates well-coordinated action that is directed towards achieving national goals.

Finding the balance

Last year’s Irrigation Australia Limited Travel Fellowship winner Tamara Jackson made a presentation at the recent Irrigation Australia Conference on water and energy consumption patterns.