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Thinking Time for research Talent

Two of Australia’s leading researchers in the area of sustainable management of Australian landscapes will enjoy added support and recognition for their work following the announcement of the Land & Water Australia Senior Research Fellowships for 2009.

The new Fellows, both from the Australian National University, are Professor David Lindenmayer from the Fenner School of Environment and Society, and Professor Graham Farquhar from the Research School of Biological Sciences. They have joined an outstanding group of Australian scientists, selected as Land & Water Australia Senior Research Fellows over the past five years.

The Land & Water Australia Research Fellowships are an innovative, annual investment in the people who drive Australia’s science and allow leading researchers to undertake focused research projects for a 12-month period.

The 2009 Fellows will focus on two very different research topics during their year:

Professor Lindenmayer will complete a major synthesis of the issues involved with the successful integration of agricultural production and biodiversity conservation, viewed by many as fundamental to sustainable farming practices in Australia’s temperate woodland regions. The research and resulting recommendations will help develop resilient productive landscapes that better conserve biodiversity and maintain other environmental values, in particular systems resilient to a rapidly changing climate.

Professor Graham Farquhar will formalise the relationship between plant leaf water loss research by physiologists and the modelling of evaporation by hydrologists. This research will help reduce uncertainty in the modelling of changes in photosynthesis and plant primary productivity which, in turn, will be beneficial in identifying strategies for the development of water-efficient plants.

Land & Water Australia is acutely aware that the important research outcomes that Fellows make ensure that there is a strong public good return on the dollars invested by government and industry. It is also aware that the Fellows provide balance and evaluation to the many scientific messages that primary industries and other natural resource professionals are managing. We are pleased once again this year to continue our support and development of excellent researchers in their fields.


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