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Eureka Prizes – calling for nominations to award top water researchers

After the success of the 2008 awards, Land & Water Australia will continue its support of the prestigious annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes in 2009, and is calling for nominations for the Water Research and Innovation Award.

The Eureka Prize program has recognised excellence in Australian science and science communication since its inception in 1990. Millions of people read, watched, listened to or downloaded news on the Eureka Prizes in 2008.

There are various prize categories supported by 26 sponsors, in a unique co-operative partnership between government, education and research institutions, private sector companies, organizations and individuals. The Eureka prizes are Australia’s largest award scheme for research into critical environmental and sustainability issues facing Australia.

Professor Matthew England and his team of researchers from the University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre were awarded the 2008 Land & Water Australia Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation. The researchers explored the link connecting climatic patterns in the Indian Ocean and conditions for farming in much of Australia’s wheat belt.

The study team, finding that WA regional rainfall was part of a large-scale phenomenon spanning the Indian Ocean, suggested improvement of predictions was possible, particularly with better data and models.

"Australia is influenced by a rich array of climatic patterns, including El Nino in the east and the tropical systems in the north,” Professor England said.

"There is no single climate mode regulating the strong year-to-year variations that Australia experiences.

"One of the core projects at the Climate Change Research Centre, however, is quantifying the precise climatic impacts of modes such as El Nino and the Indian Ocean Dipole, while also separating out the effects of climate change."


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