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Dr Peter Davies

What’s around the bend for Murray Darling Basin river system?

With over 27 years of experience in water policy & management under his belt Peter Davies has a deep understanding of all things water. His extensive experience stretches across review and development of government and industry policies, strategies and protocols for management of water, water quality, aquatic conservation, environmental flows and ecological health.

Peter is the Director of Freshwater Systems: Aquatic Environmental Consultancy and a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania’s School of Zoology.

Peter is a mentor, actively assisting universities, school students and community members to gain direct experience in scientific engagement in issues of public policy and has run many community field events and lectures on aquatic environmental issues. He has employed over 20 students in relevant research and consultancies both during and after their studies, and has financially supported several students during their postgraduate research.

Through this Fellowship, Peter will explore the future for the Murray Darling Basin river ecosystems under a range of interacting scenarios of climate change and changes in water and land use. He will use the results to support current and future developments in river ecosystem management and conservation.

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Dr Peter Davies at the University of Tasmania

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