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Tropical Rivers Research and Development

2005 - 2009

The rivers, floodplains, wetlands and estuaries of northern Australia are key resources. They are relatively undisturbed and are highly distinctive compared with other regions of Australia. Fundamental to the vision for sustainable growth in northern Australia will be the development of these water resources, the industries that prosper and the values of rivers to be protected.

The Board of Land & Water Australia identified Australia’s unique tropical rivers and associated catchments and estuaries as a priority area for a major investment over five years from July 2005.

Program Goal

To undertake research and knowledge exchange to support the sustainable use, protection and management of Australia’s Tropical Rivers

Geographic scope

The geographic scope of the program was the two major drainage divisions in Australia’s north draining into the Timor Sea and Gulf of Carpentaria.

Research themes

The Program was guided by four research themes:

  1. Assessing river assets and threats
  2. Supporting regional planning framework.
  3. Assessing social, cultural and economic values and opportunities
  4. Understanding river ecosystems

Further Information

Further detail on the Program is available by downloading Australia’s Tropical Rivers Program Plan  and Prospectus (pdf 500KB)

The Tropical Rivers R&D Program brochure (pdf 303Kb) provides a summary of the research projects and their geographic location.

Rip Rap Magazine No. 28  describes in detail some of the Tropical Rivers Programme research currently under way.

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