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Innovation Call

program theme

The Innovation Call funded highly innovative research addressing critical and emerging issues, developing new ideas and technologies.


Publications and Resources

Type Titlesort icon Product Number Publication Year
Final Report Advanced airborne technologies for mapping and monitoring native Australian vegetation PN22593 2009
Report Alternative Landscape Futures PN30069 2009
Final Report | Report Breaking through the equity barrier in environmental policy PN21249 2007
Final Report Characterising South-West Australia's rainfall using speleotherms and climate models PN30154 2009
Report Concepts for private sector funded conservation using tax-effective instruments PR071389 2007
Final Report Dynamic Non-Market Valuation of Ecosystem Services PN30153 2009
Report Dynamics of sediment and nutrient fluxes from burnt forest catchments PN22320 2009
Final Report Ecohydrological regionalisation of Australia PN22591 2009
Report Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the Australian Riverine Environment PR071403 2007
Report Farmers do not want to outsource their sheep enterprise PN30310
Final Report Frogs as bio-indicators of chemical useage and farm practices in an irrigated agricultural area PN30152 2009
Final Report Healthy Catchments through Detection and Remediation of Contaminants with Novel Technologies PN30156 2009
Fact Sheet Improving Private Sector Conservation Using Tax-Effective Instruments EF071343 2007
Fact Sheet Looking into equity in environmental decisions for policy makers PN22144 2009
Final Report | Report New paradigms to find solutions to intractable natural resource management problems PN22229 2009
Report Policy Integration for Sustainable NRM: Joint Research and Policy Learning ER071390 2007
Report Powerful Choices: transition to a biofuel economy in Australia PN30178 2009
Final Report Provision for Cultural Values in Water Management PR081464 2008
Report Seasonal labour is the most profitable use of labour in broadacre crop dominant farms PN30311
Final Report Sustainability of freshwater lenses under major rivers PN30169 2009
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