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Helping irrigators boost productivity

Efficient and productive irrigation is crucial for Australia.

This was emphasised today by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke when visiting the Keytah property at Moree, NSW, where he inspected farmer-led irrigation demonstration sites and launched Irrigation Essentials, a publication summarising irrigation research as well as challenges and opportunities.

The challenge for irrigated industries, which have already demonstrated big improvements in water use efficiency and shown a capacity to maintain production during drought and reduced irrigation allocations, is to become even better at what they do,” he said.

Much of the content of Irrigation Essentials results from joint Australian Government and primary producer investments in rural research, particularly that which has been conducted under the collaborative banner of the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation.

Research findings, while important in the continuing quest for sustainable and productive use of limited resources, require adoption and often modification to suit regional situations. Irrigation Essentials is a welcome document because it not only provides case studies to demonstrate how research and good ideas may be adopted, but also provides guidance on where to find additional information on key topics.”

The document covers irrigation enterprise establishment and management, irrigation methods, business management, creating a water budget, scheduling and monitoring, agronomy and soil considerations, and other topics.

It provides key principles and technical information that I hope encourages irrigators to look at new opportunities and see what is on the horizon. Importantly, it covers a wide range of industries and I commend the collaboration of the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation. We need a combination of practical on ground farmer led demonstration sites that I have seen today and technical resources like Irrigation Essentials” Tony Burke said.

National Program for Sustainable Irrigation program manager, Guy Roth, said “the document would be a useful reference not only for irrigators but also for those involved in policy-making, agribusiness and research. It is a snapshot of some of the latest research and development that is leading to improved technology, and enabling the sharing of knowledge and practice change across all agriculture commodities and horticultural industries”.

The practical considerations which are contained in Irrigation Essentials are important as we strive for improved productivity and sustainability. Guy Roth said.

Download» Irrigation Essentials

or email for a hard copy.

Caption: Pictured at Moree are, from left, Bruce Finney, Executive Director of the Cotton R&D Corporation, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Hon Tony Burke, National Program for Sustainable Irrigation Program Manager Guy Roth, and Keytah farm manager and National Program for Sustainable Irrigation Management Committee member Andrew Parkes.


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