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Irrigators and researchers share knowledge seminars

With major investments underway in irrigation modernisation around the country, it is opportune to bring the key players and to hear from industry about their R&D needs and priorities.

Free seminars

Farmers, irrigators and interested organisations are invited to attend two free seminars in Griffith on November 5 at the Gemini Hotel. The free seminars begin at 10.30am and run through to 3.00pm – lunch is included.

The NSW Irrigators Council are running the Sharing the Knowledge program in the morning and will have presentations from leading irrigators who have implemented irrigation innovations across three states. In the afternoon, the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation, Irrigation Australia and NSW Industry and Investment will then continue with presentations and discussion on the priorities of irrigation R&D.

Four leading farmers assembled by NSW Irrigators Council will share information about their irrigation techniques. They will also discuss how they boosted productivity while increasing water efficiency.

  • Richard Wheaton, Tailem Bend, SA, will discuss plant based monitoring technology and humidity manipulation on irrigated onions.
  • Ray Sellwood, Undera, Victoria, will discuss his lucerne and experimental animal weight gain with sub-surface-drip irrigation systems.
  • Brad & Krysteen McElroy, Padthaway, SA, will discuss fast flow irrigation, basic soil moisture monitoring, portable bay monitors and the use of automatic gates in flood irrigation.
  • Michael Murray, Moree, NSW, will discuss aside-by-side on-farm comparison of drip / furrow / bankless channel / lateral move systems in broadacre experimental sites with cotton and grains.

Stating the case for the value of irrigation research in the afternoon seminar, leading researchers and extension specialists will attend the meeting and convene sessions on R&D priorities and how to increase the uptake of modernisation technologies.

The R&D Priorities session will be jointly discussed by

  • Brett Tucker, managing director, Murrumbidgee Irrigation
  • Peter Smith, extension specialist, NSW I&I
  • Sam North, research hydrologist, NSW I&I
  • Chris Bennett, CEO, Irrigation Australia
  • Guy Roth, program manager, National Program for Sustainable Irrigation

Media Contacts:

Mark Moore, Policy Analyst, NSW Irrigators Council, 0417 494 226,
Guy Roth, program manager, National Program for Sustainable Irrigation 0417 223 179,

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry under FarmReady, part of Australia’s Farming Future.

The National Program for Sustainable Irrigation will extend this program of information nationally in 2010-11 in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Extensive reports on the seminar series will be covered by rural media and posted on the websites of Irrigation Australia and the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation.


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