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Irrigators and researchers share knowledge seminars

With major investments underway in irrigation modernisation around the country, it is opportune to bring the key players and to hear from industry about their R&D needs and priorities.

Helping irrigators boost productivity

Efficient and productive irrigation is crucial for Australia.

This was emphasised today by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke when visiting the Keytah property at Moree, NSW, where he inspected farmer-led irrigation demonstration sites and launched Irrigation Essentials, a publication summarising irrigation research as well as challenges and opportunities.

Test for water toxins wins Peter Cullen Eureka Prize

A researcher whose work has revolutionised management of water supplies through enabling early, rapid and accurate tests for toxicity has won the Land & Water Australia, Professor Peter Cullen Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation.

Future transport fuel options laid bare

Australia could supply 90 per cent of its transport fuel needs by 2030 with bio-alcohol derived from wood, generating a $10 billion annual turnover for industry, according to a recent study. This is one of the conclusions of research undertaken by former CSIRO scientist Mr Barney Foran, now a visiting fellow at Charles Sturt University’s (more)...

Teaching irrigators to pass the salt

Growers are increasing production and economic returns from commercial plantings by participating in a research project teaching irrigators to actively monitor and manage salinity on their properties. 

Farming trees for profit and conservation

Integrating trees and shrubs into farms and catchments can mean wins for both conservation and profit, attendees heard at a Science in the Paddock breakfast briefing held in Canberra today.

The briefing, titled ‘Farmers leading landscape change: ingredients for success!’, showcased the essential role of farmers in achieving sustainable landscapes and resilient rural communities.

Seeking champion for environmental flows research

Scientists, policy makers and water managers from across Australia have gathered at the National Museum in Canberra today for a national forum on environmental water management, to review the state of the nation’s scientific knowledge in this area, and to determine who will lead and undertake the vital future research needed by policy makers and practitioners alike. 

Airborne scanners put native vegetation on the map

Airborne sensor technology able to gather information about what is visible on ground, such as vegetation, and what is not visible, such as canopy condition and plant water use, has been developed, trialled, and proven. The airborne imaging and vegetation analysis system is a significant breakthrough for rapid and cost-efficient collection of natural resource data. The new technology combines laser scanners and hyper-spectral scanners with other (more)...

Changing face of farming is analysed

Much of rural Australia today is grappling with the challenge of reinvention in the face of declining farm numbers, the exodus of rural youth and “tree change” migration from the city. One of Australia’s leading demographers in rural population change has written a book which explains the transformation of rural Australia.

Ord project to explore international candidacy for basin

Water is getting scarcer in many parts of Australia, but in other areas, like the Ord River Catchment, there is abundant water supply, leading to rare opportunities. In a project supported by the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation (NPSI), Anna Price will explore whether this unusual situation makes the Ord Catchment an appropriate candidate for accreditation as a basin in the United Nations global hydrology program. (more)...