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Land and Water Australia Media Releases

Test for water toxins wins Peter Cullen Eureka Prize

A researcher whose work has revolutionised management of water supplies through enabling early, rapid and accurate tests for toxicity has won the Land & Water Australia, Professor Peter Cullen Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation.

Productive sustainability of land and water resources at risk

The decision to abolish Land & Water Australia placed the long-term productive sustainability of Australia’s land and water resources at risk at a time when the nation faces the converging challenges of climate change, water availability, global food security and declining productivity growth, the Chairman of Land & Water Australia, Ms Bobbie Brazil, (more)...

Fierce exotic grass fires burn money in northern Australia

Research has found that introduced tropical grasses spreading across northern Australia burn hotter and fiercer than native grasses, draining fire-fighting resources.

Drought perception needs a shake-up

Drought should not be perceived as a natural disaster, a conference of rural industry leaders was told in Canberra today.

Mr Ken Moore, Manager of the Social and Institutional Research Program for Land & Water Australia, told delegates at the Farming in the Dry session of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics Outlook conference that drought is realistically a long-term component of Australia’s climate.

Wong approves primary industry adaptation research network (PICCARN)

The Adaptation Research Network for Primary Industries announced yesterday will help Australia’s primary industries meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities presented by climate change.

Eureka Prize named in honour of the late Professor Peter Cullen

Land & Water Australia is honouring Professor Peter Cullen’s lifetime achievements by re-naming its Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation Award as the Land & Water Australia Professor Peter Cullen Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation.

Eureka Prizes – calling for nominations to award top water researchers

After the success of the 2008 awards, Land & Water Australia will continue its support of the prestigious annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes in 2009, and is calling for nominations for the Water Research and Innovation Award.

Thinking Time for research Talent

Two of Australia’s leading researchers in the area of sustainable management of Australian landscapes will enjoy added support and recognition for their work following the announcement of the Land & Water Australia Senior Research Fellowships for 2009.

Five years for national climate change research coordination

Australian governments and primary industry research agencies have agreed in-principle to fund a national coordination, communication and collaboration network for climate change research on primary industries.

Fires impact water quality long after quenched

Leading research into the impact of the 2003 Alpine bushfires on water quality suggests the trouble is far from over when the fires are finally out. In the past, the impact of fires on water catchments could only be estimated, as the unpredictable nature of fires left very little possibility for collecting strong data.