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Productive sustainability of land and water resources at risk

The decision to abolish Land & Water Australia placed the long-term productive sustainability of Australia’s land and water resources at risk at a time when the nation faces the converging challenges of climate change, water availability, global food security and declining productivity growth, the Chairman of Land & Water Australia, Ms Bobbie Brazil, (more)...

National irrigation modernisation forum held in Shepparton

The major suppliers of Australia’s irrigation water met in Shepparton recently to share experiences in the ‘modernisation’ of irrigation systems. The Australian Government, State Governments and the water supply companies across the nation are earnestly upgrading distribution systems to save water and improve the service to irrigators.

Australia needs super soil for high productivity

With increasing pressure on primary producers to increase their productivity, irrigation researchers are seeking ways to improve the quality of irrigated soil, given the vital role soil plays in plant health and productivity. 

Developing a Cultural and Conservation Economy for Northern Australia

Indigenous and remote communities in Northern Australia would benefit from stronger support for a ‘cultural and conservation economy’, a new collaborative study has found. This emerging economy is being driven by strong community leadership.

Clues for saving thirsty Murray trees

Research has provided hope for Lower Murray Valley woodlands which are suffering the effects of poor water flows. Indicators for how to manage environmental flows for maximum benefit to the Lower Murray Valley floodplains have resulted from a Land & Water Australia postgraduate scholarship, which enabled Dr Anne Jensen at the University of Adelaide to investigate the relationship between water availability and the survival of young river red gums, black box (more)...

Fierce exotic grass fires burn money in northern Australia

Research has found that introduced tropical grasses spreading across northern Australia burn hotter and fiercer than native grasses, draining fire-fighting resources.

Innovative R&D leads the way to adoption

A trial of centre-pivot irrigation on a Western Australian dairy farm has substantially increased milk production and cut runoff of nutrient-rich water into sensitive estuaries while also cutting water use by 30 per cent. 

New generation of researchers responds to water challenge

Scholarships established to attract young people into irrigation research are proving popular, with women taking a strong interest. A new initiative of the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation (NPSI) provides final year university students with an opportunity to conduct short research, extension or industry projects under the direct supervision of a researcher. The $6,000 scholarship can be for a short-term project or as part of a final year (more)...

Farmers beat the dry times

Farmers in many cropping regions of Australia are recognising the importance of forecasting to improve decision-making for farming in the dry.

Wong approves primary industry adaptation research network

The Adaptation Research Network for Primary Industries announced yesterday will help Australia’s primary industries meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities presented by climate change. Climate Change Minister Penny Wong approved the proposal by Land & Water Australia to host the network, which will be convened by Professor Snow Barlow from the University of Melbourne, and led by a group of academics including four internationally recognised climate (more)...