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Land & Water Australia's Portfolio Return on Investment 2005

1st Edition

N Schofield, Agtrans Research

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In the past 15 years Land & Water Australia has invested a total of $150 million in over 1600 research projects.

Land & Water Australia has evaluated the impact of the research it supports since the early 1990s. In recent years the orga

Land & Water Australia’s Portfolio Return on Investment & Evaluation Case Studies686.72 KB
1. Australian River Assessment System (AusRivAS)198.07 KB
2. Australian Grassland and Rangeland Assessment by Spatial Simulation (AussieGRASS)224.87 KB
3. Benchmarking Irrigation Water Providers219.05 KB
4. Best Management Practice in the Australian Cotton Industry344.32 KB
5. Catchment Management Support System (CMSS)229.72 KB
6. Central Highlands Regional Resource Use Planning Process (CHRRUPP)199.99 KB
7. Climate Forecasting Using Indian Ocean Information274.5 KB
8. Controlled Traffic Farming381.42 KB
9. ECOGRAZE - Sustainable Grazing Management for Northern Australia231.76 KB
10. Ecological Basis for River Habitat and In-Stream Flow Management247.61 KB
11. Effluent Guidelines263.73 KB
12. Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems and their Significance to Australia202.41 KB
13. Groundwater Flow Systems Classification (GFS)203.65 KB
14. Joint Venture Agroforestry Program (JVAP)252.81 KB
15. Managing Riparian Lands215.79 KB
16. National Dryland Salinity Program (NDSP)239.54 KB
17. National Eutrophication Management Program298.94 KB
18. Options for the Productive Use of Saline Land (OPUS)187.7 KB
19. Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI)130.44 KB
20. River Styles - a Generic Geomorphic Framework to Assess Catchment Character243.47 KB
21. Sustainable Grazing Systems including PROGRAZE186.54 KB
22. Use of Incentive Payments to Conserve Remnant Vegetation211.05 KB
23. Water Use Efficiency in Irrigation247.05 KB
24. Waterway Protection Guidelines240.15 KB
25. Wetland Management Guidelines274.32 KB
Appendix 1 Complete3.73 MB
Appendix 1 Contents102.39 KB
Appendix 2 Preliminary scan for high performing innovations485.6 KB
Appendix 3 Methods307.52 KB
Appendix 4 Glossary of Economic Terms66.25 KB

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N Schofield, Agtrans Research
SeriesReturn on Investment
PublishedAugust 2005
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Land and Water Australia

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