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A Process for Rehabilitating Australian Streams CD Rom

I Rutherfurd, K Jerie, N Marsh,

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There are no copies of this CD left please download the A Rehabilitation Manual for Australian Streams below:

A Rehabilitation Manual for Australian Streams - volume 1
A Rehabilitation Manual for Australian Streams - volume 2

Over the past two hundred years we have physically and biologically degraded many Australian streams.Catchment managers at the end of the millennium face two daunting tasks: how to minimise further damage to rivers and streams, and how to repair the damage that has already occurred.
We can return natural values to our waterways. This manual is designed to help those professional managers who are accepting the challenge of rehabilitating the physical and biological condition of Australian streams. It has four sections covering the following main topics:

1. rehabilitation concepts;
2. a planning procedure for rehabilitating streams;
3. typical stream problems; and
4. a range of tools that could be useful for rehabilitation.

The concepts provide a firm basis for planning a rehabilitation strategy, while the typical problems and tools provide resources that could be useful to the manager.

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I Rutherfurd, K Jerie, N Marsh,
PublishedMay 2001
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Land and Water Australia
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