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Assessment of ecological risk associated with irrigation systems in the Fitzroy Basin

Phase 1 - Identification of risks and development of conceptual models Final Report

LJ Duivenvoorden, S Kasel, RM Noble, C Carroll

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This report describes the outcomes of the first phase of the National Program for Irrigation Research Program Ecological Risk Assessment project for the Fitzroy catchment in Queensland. This project has three focus catchments around Australia, the other two being the Goulburn-Broken in Victoria and the Ord in Western Australia.

The main objectives of this phase were to develop a list of up to six ecological consequences of irrigation within the Fitzroy in consultation with community stakeholders; develop conceptual models containing relevant data for these consequences; complete a table to help establish priorities for future research; provide justification for the rankings within this table; and recommend future priority actions to address information gaps and research needs for phase two of the project.

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LJ Duivenvoorden, S Kasel, RM Noble, C Carroll
PublishedFebruary 2001
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