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Assessment of the ecological risks associated with irrigation in the Ord River Catchment

Phase 1 - Identification of risks and development of conceptual models

M Lund, A McCrea

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The purpose of this project is, as part of a larger NPIRD project, to identify potential ecological risks associated with irrigation systems in the Lower Ord River catchment.

Specifically the objectives of this project are to:

  • Develop a list of up to six ecological consequences of development in the catchment where irrigation is likely to have a significant impact. This is to done in consultation with relevant catchment stakeholders, identified by the Project Manager
  • Develop conceptual models for each of the ecological consequences listed. The models may be overlapping and have common stressors (e.g. phytoplankton bloom, fish kills, etc). The conceptual models will include all relevant data where possible (e.g. some quantification/scaling/trigger levels for the stressors).
  • Complete a matrix table to help establish priorities.
  • Briefly justify the rankings in the ecological effects matrix table and review current and past activities in the catchment to address the effects or issues.
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M Lund, A McCrea
PublishedJune 2002
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