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Thinking Bush - Issue 5

Branching out

Previous editions of Thinking Bush have tended to focus on research funded by Land & Water Australia. However, it is now appropriate and timely for Thinking Bush to ‘branch out’ and publicise important work that is being done around the

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Thinking Bush - Issue 6

Vegetation reporting and monitoring

Articles in this issue by the National Land & Water Resources Audit (the Audit) and the Bureau of Rural Science (BRS) emphasise the need for nationally consistent information collation and reporting mechanisms. All states and territories have invested considerable time and effort to describe, map and better understand their vegetation extent and composition. Through a collaborative effort with the states, territories and supporting (more)...

Thinking Bush - Issue 9

Knowledge for managing native vegetation in Australian landscapes

Thinking Bush, edition 9 is the final edition of this quarterly magazine produced out of the Native Vegetation & Biodiversity program.

Thinking Bush 8

Thinking Weeds

Thinking Bush is a quarterly publication coming out of the Native Vegetation and Biodiversity R&D Program.

This edition focuses on weeds.

In this issue:

  • Biocontrol
  • Detection and spread

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Thinking Bush Issue 7 - a focus on agroforestry

In this issue:

  • Five yearly report card on the state of Australia’s Forests
  • Agro-ecology: ecological diversity by design
  • AgroForestry and natural resource management – lessons from the Joint Venture Agroforestry Program over the past 15 years
  • Plantation Forests: the Facts revealed
  • The Australian Master Treegrower Program - adapting to a changing landscape

Tim Nixon - New Norcia

Northern Agricultural Region Case study

To Drain or not to Drain? Engineering options for salinity management

Proceedings of the SA Dryland Salinity Committees Drainage Forum April 2003

Tony White and Julie Symons - Miling

Northern Agricultural Region Case Study

Towards a national protocol for monitoring & reporting of status & trends in significant native species & ecological communities

This report is the result of a project commissioned as an adjunct to the second National Biodiversity Assessment. The objective was to draft a national protocol for monitoring and reporting of significant native species and ecological communities and ecological communities, based on a review of literature and consultation with stakeholders. The report provides an introduction to the project, a brief synopsis of the current national and international context. It outlines the consultation (more)...

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Travel Fellowship Report

The topic of this travel fellowship was the water-energy-emissions nexus in irrigated agriculture. This fellowship allowed Tamara to meet with world class researchers working on various aspects of this topic, extending her network of industry contacts. A key benefit was the exposure to the latest research and ideas, which will provide an opportunity for these to potentially be adapted to the Australian situation. Similar research carried out as part of her PhD studies and (more)...

Trial provision of an independent advisory service to assist regional NRM bodies select decision making approaches

This project, entitled “Trial provision of an independent advisory service to assist regional NRM bodies select decision making approaches” was intended to support Land & Water Australia’s Knowledge for Regional NRM Program. This program is designed to improve access to decision making approaches by NRM bodies across Australia. The Advisory Team for this Trial was made up of (more)...