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A Review of Dr Bruce Cockroft’s Work for Australian Irrigated Horticulture

Milestone Report 2

The work of Dr Bruce Cockroft has established the importance of managing soil structure in irrigated horticulture in Australia. In particular, he has researched and promoted management strategies designed to maximize the rooting volume of irrigated crops with consequent substantial improvements in yield. These strategies have focused on the creation and maintenance of good soil structure and structural stability and of low resistance to penetration, particularly in soils that are of poor (more)...

A review of genetic algorithm technology for irrigation water ordering systems

In Phase 2 of the NPIRD an investment was made into the preliminary testing and incorporation of genetic algorithm technology (GA) for optimisation of advance water ordering in open channel irrigation networks. 

A Review of Geophysical Equipment applied to Groundwater and Soil Investigation

Sustainable Irrigation Travel Fellowship - 2004 ANCID

Using the 2004 ANCID/Sustainable Irrigation Travel Fellowship, David Allen conducted an international survey of over 100 geophysical instruments applicable to irrigation problems. After attending the Symposium on Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems in Atlanta, Georgia, USA he visited equipment manufacturers and researchers in Canada, Denmark and Sweden. The survey of equipment details and prices is to be (more)...

A social appraisal of the South Australian Virginia Pipeline Scheme: Five years

The Virginia Pipeline Scheme (VPS) is the largest scheme of its type in Australia (SA Water 2005; EarthTech 2005) and was established in 1999 to deliver unrestricted Class A reclaimed water to irrigators on the Northern Adelaide Plains (NAP) in South Australia. The purpose of this research was to investigate and report on the various stakeholder perceptions of reclaimed water used in the VPS (more)...

A State wide baseline for the extent and distribution of native vegetation for Western Australia

Project Report

Vegetation extent is the definition applied under the National NRM Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. In this context the term extent is applied to the monitoring of Native Vegetation Communities Integrity. The concept of native vegetation communities extent, applied here, is quite different to that of cover as defined above. As well as the plants themselves, vegetation communities and the ecosystems they represent also consist of areas of bare ground or rock (sometimes (more)...

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A Strategic Research and Development Alliance for Irrigation In Australia

Progress of phase 2

This update outlines key examples of progress against the four goals. Sustainable production in a water scarce environment, Sustainable futures and the environment, Knowledge and practice and Research and development leadership.

A summary, in poster form, of all the 70 SGSL Producer sites in Western Australia

SGSL Producer Network WA

Sustainable Grazing on Saline Lands (SGSL) Producer Network was set up to help livestock producers better understand and manage their saline land through a range of activities. This book contains a complete summary, in poster form, of all 70 SGSL grower trials in WA. T hese posters were prepared and presented at the 2004 SGSL spring field days and represent each of the (more)...

A synthesis report on the Audit regional/catchment

This synthesis report is a review of selected projects managed by the Audit on catchment condition reporting and the report card concept. This report includes: A categorisation and review of nine projects: Australian catchment, river and estuary assessment 2002 (Audit, State and Commonwealth agencies and CRC’s) Report (more)...

A Vision for Our Future

a snapshot of Land & Water Australia's plans for 2005-2010

Aboriginal Management and Planning for Country

respecting and sharing traditional knowledge

Summary report on Subprogram 5 of the Ord-Bonaparte Program.

The Summary Booklet includes a CD-ROM with a PDF version of the full report.

A CD-ROM of the full report can also be obtained separately - order product code PR040788.

Aboriginal Management and Planning for Country

respecting and sharing traditional knowledge - Full report

Full report on Subprogram 5 of the Ord-Bonaparte Program, available on CD-ROM or as a downloadable pdf

A summary report, which also includes the full report CD-ROM can also be ordered, quote product code PK040789

About the Audit

The National Land & Water Resources Audit (the Audit) collates data and information on the status of Australia’s natural resources and contextual social and economic information. The information is used to assist in identifying Australia’s natural resource management priorities and will be used to support the evaluation of current and future natural resource management (NRM) investments. The Audit is working with all (more)...

Accelerating adoption of integrated soil management practices in irrigated cotton and grain

Most cotton farms are situated on riparian flood plains and best management practice (BMP) of soils is imperative to the sustainability of these landscapes. One of the best ways to improve water management and to optimise nutrition inputs to reduce the impact of rising fertiliser costs to improve soil health and management. A 2005 study of Australia’s cotton industry examined farmers’ current knowledge and understanding of soil health. It (more)...

Achieving Coordinated Landscape-scale Outcomes with Auction Mechanisms

The broad aim of the project was to provide land managers with information that will encourage them to further value, protect and enhance vegetation diversity by demonstrating the practical benefits that can be derived from this natural asset in Australian rangelands.