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Australian water entitlements

The Australian Government is acquiring and holding water entitlements with intention of achieving improved environmental outcomes. Regions in which the Government has indicated an interest in acquiring entitlements are the Murray-Darling Basin in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, the Fitzroy basin in Queensland, Tasmania, and the South-West and Carnarvon regions of Western Australia. This report provides an overview of the water entitlements in these areas and an initial (more)...

Australians and Natural Resource Management 2002

Publication also available on CD (EC040809) and DVD (EC050825).

Australias Estuaries

Assessing their condition

Avon Biodiversity in Grain and Graze

Volume 1, Issue 1. March 2007

Avon Catchment Council soil acidification monitoring

Avon Catchment Council Soil Acidification Monitoring - Report of a point-based monitoring trial to identify how well the soil resource is being managed with respect to soil acidity, and the current status of the soil condition as a basis for subsequent monitoring efforts. (2008)

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Barking up the Right Tree

This brochure provides information for Victorian woolgrowers with hill country, however is still valuable to anyone interested in management options for meeting biodiversity and production outcomes in a whole farm context. Covers topics of deferred graz

Basin Talk

Integrated Catchment Management & Salinity Management

Bats on New England wool properties

Northern Tablelands Project Fact Sheet: 2

Small, insect eating bats (‘microbats’) fulfill an important role on wool properties, that of natural pest control. Microbats eat a wide range of invertebrates, predominantly moths, beetles and bugs, with some species also consuming mosquitoes and grasshopppers.

Benchmarking the distribution efficiency of an irrigation supply system

Project No.GMW3 - Final Report

Project objectives To benchmark the distribution efficiency (DE) of the various components of a small, open channel gravity irrigation system and irrigation return flows from farms to the surface drainage system. To develop strategies to overcome water losses in the distribution system, including the implementation of smart systems for improved channel operations, system planning and services to improve the integration of distribution systems (more)...

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Benefits and costs of buffel grass

understanding perceptions can contribute to policy development

Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) is a valuable introduced species for pastoral production but its invasion into arid and semi-arid rangelands represents a key threatening process for conservation values.

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Best practice for on-ground property weed detection

Around 28,000 exotic plant species have been introduced into Australia since European settlement.

This publication is one of a suite of 13 produced as part of a folder showcasing research from the Defeating the Weed Menace Research and Development program.

Best practice for on-ground property weed detection

Weedy species will continue to enter Australia while existing species expand their range via various pathways of weed spread (the subject of Defeating the Weed Menace Project UNE61, Pathway Risk Analysis for Weed Spread within Australia).