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Native vegetation

Status of information for reporting against indicators under the National Natural Resources Management Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

P Wilson, L Robins

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This booklet is part of a series that describes the status of data and information relevant to national indicators agreed under the National Natural Resource Management Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. It specifically reports on the status of information relating to indicators of native vegetation communities’ integrity.

Effective management of natural resources requires good quality data and information at the right level of detail to be available for those who need it. Australia invests significant resources each year in the collection and maintenance of data to inform natural resource management decisions.


Since 1997, the National Land & Water Resources Audit has played a vital role in the national coordination, collation and reporting of this information. The Audit collaborates with a range of partners, including the Australian Government, state and territory governments, regional natural resource management bodies, industry, the private sector and community organisations.

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P Wilson, L Robins
SeriesStatus of information for reporting against indicators
PublishedDecember 2007
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Guides and Manuals
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National Land and Water Resources Audit

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