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A Review of Geophysical Equipment applied to Groundwater and Soil Investigation

Sustainable Irrigation Travel Fellowship - 2004 ANCID

David Allen

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Using the 2004 ANCID/Sustainable Irrigation Travel Fellowship, David Allen conducted an international survey of over 100 geophysical instruments applicable to irrigation problems.

After attending the Symposium on Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems in Atlanta, Georgia, USA he visited equipment manufacturers and researchers in Canada, Denmark and Sweden. The survey of equipment details and prices is to be published on the ANCID web site. David was able to discuss with overseas manufacturers and researchers his own PhD work on electrical conductivity imaging of aquifers connected to watercourses. He got to present his work at three public gatherings and received much feedback on how it could be integrated with technical advances made by the audiences.

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David Allen
PublishedJune 2008
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Final Report
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Land and Water Australia

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