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Natural Resource Information Management Toolkit Version 2.0

Building capacity to implement natural resources information management solutions

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The Natural Resources Information Management Toolkit (the Toolkit) has been prepared by the National Land & Water Resources Audit and ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council to assist regional natural resource management groups discover, access, visualise and manage their data and information.

The Toolkit has been developed in close cooperation with all jurisdictions and has been targeted at regional groups to build capacity and facilitate the two-way flow of data and information.

The Toolkit can be used as a text book document, teaching aid or as a series of stand-alone modules.

Version 2.0 is the latest version of the Toolkit and supersedes version 1.0.

Limited hardcopies of this publication were printed and there are no hardcopies left.

Download the Toolkit 2.0 as PDF chapters from the National Land & Water Resources Audit website.

You can order Natural Resource Information Management Toolkit Version 2.0 in hard copy, by contacting Canprint and quoting the number PN21205.

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