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A framework for assessing the health of coastal waters: Qld trial

Andrew Moss, David M Scheltinga

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While the assessment framework and indicators described in this report are for use by a range of stakeholders from community to state government, the report is specifically written for the NLWRA (as a final report on a project to trial the national set of 19 estuarine, coastal and marine resource condition indicators in Queensland). As such it contains information and data that is in excess of the needs of the intended users.

The purpose of the indicators provided here is to monitor the change in condition of estuarine, coastal and marine ecosystems in response to changing stress or levels (particularly as a response of human activities). It is intended that the indicators will be used primarily by regional bodies to assess and report on changes in natural resource condition in their region in response to the management actions performed by them as part of their regional plans.

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Andrew Moss, David M Scheltinga
PublishedJune 2007
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Final Report
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National Land and Water Resources Audit

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