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NSW Interim Native Vegetation Extent

(2008-Version 1)

NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change

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NSW Native vegetation extent data is required by a number of programs to provide national, statewide and broad regional context on the distribution of native vegetation. This document outlines the methodology applied to generate a new native vegetation extent data set using an interim Foliage
Projected Cover (FPC) product from DECC’s Woody Vegetation Change Detection Program (to define vegetation extent), and Land-use Mapping Program (to define vegetation nativeness). This represents a change in approaches used previously to report on native veg extent (ANRA 2001 and Keith & Simpson 2006). These have largely relied on the collation and reinterpretation of existing vegetation ‘type’ maps.

This new approach utilises products from the Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) methodology which has recently been applied to NSW. SLATS applies several algorithms to analyse Landsat TM and ETM data, in order to produce vegetation change data. The intermediate foliage projective cover (FPC) data layers can be used as indicators of woody and non-woody presence and extent. The interim product used in this project was derived from a four epoch FPC predicted from state-wide landsat layers centred on mid-summer 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2006.

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NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change
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