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Queensland Native Vegetation Extent Baseline & Monitoring

Final Report

Bruce Wilson

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The project objectives from the Project Schedule (Annexure A of the contract with National Land and Water Resources Audit for project number: EPQ7 – P332) are:

  1. utilise existing vegetation extent information to report against M&E indicators;
  2. develop web service products of the above data for reporting through Australia’s Resources online; and,
  3. test use of foliage projective cover data for monitoring of vegetation condition.

In addition to the above objectives, the project schedule included the following deliverables:

  1. re-supply of data to the National vegetation Information System (ESCAVI, 2006) by re-supplying NVIS with information provided to the NLWRA (under objective 1);
  2. delivery of extent mapping and summary statistic tables via web services (if possible) to specifications to be provided by NLWRA (under objective 2);
  3. update of Services with 2005 data (under objective 2); and,
  4. progress with RE benchmarks. (under objective 3).
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Bruce Wilson
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Final Report
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National Land and Water Resources Audit

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