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A synthesis report on the Audit regional/catchment

Hyder Consulting

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This synthesis report is a review of selected projects managed by the Audit on catchment condition reporting and the report card concept. This report includes:

  • A categorisation and review of nine projects:
  1. Australian catchment, river and estuary assessment 2002 (Audit, State and Commonwealth agencies and CRC’s)
  2. Report card review and concept development (C. Auricht, Information Systems Consultant, 2004)
  3. Regional and overseas case studies (Hyder Consulting 2005 – 2006)
  4. Integrated catchment (or regional) assessment – needs assessment and options for the Audit (Report on workshop by Thorman, R., Audit , 2005)
  5. National assessment of catchment condition – scoping study (Chesson, J., Kingham, R., Bureau of Rural Resources, 2005)
  6. Signposts for Australian Agriculture: a framework for developing economic and social indicators (Ashton, D., Goesch, T., Australian Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 2005)
  7. Regional integrated catchment condition reporting – catchments to the coast (Kingham, R., Chesson, J., Georgeson, L., Grant M. Bureau of
    Rural Sciences, 2007)
  8. Triple bottom line indicators for a Victorian catchment management authority (L.Tiller, P. Fitzsimmons Department of Primary Industries Victoria, 2007)
  9. Tasmanian integrated catchment reporting (Georges Catchment) (RMCG Consultants, Melbourne, 2007)
  • A summary of the projects and the results
  • The results of a telephone survey of NRM regions to determinecurrent use of report cards based on indicators
  • Recommendations.
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Hyder Consulting
PublishedMay 2008
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National Land and Water Resources Audit

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