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The lagoons of the outer Darwin area, NT. Milestone 2 report

Trialling a framework and indicators for wetland extent, distribution and condition at the Regional level – Milestone report 2

Gisela Lamche

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The project presented in this Milestone Report 2 is part of the National Wetland Indicators Project regional trials, trialing the National framework and indicators for wetland extent, distribution and condition on the lagoons in the Darwin region.

The extent and distribution component of the lagoons in the Darwin region is now completed and presented as mapping based on Quickbird Imagery. Wetland condition indicators were selected on the basis of data availability for the nationally recommended indicators. Five condition indicators were reported on in Milestone Report 1 for 31 selected lagoons in the region. This Milestone Report 2 presents the indicator data on catchment disturbance, physical disturbance, hydrological disturbance and the fringing zone for all of the lagoons in the study area.

The Water Quality Index presented in Milestone Report 1 has been revised by replacing Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen with Total Nitrogen in the calculation of the indicator. The slightly different values are presented in this Milestone Report 2; however, the scores for this indicator remained unchanged.

The chapter on the Biota Index is new in this report.

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Gisela Lamche
PublishedFebruary 2008
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National Land and Water Resources Audit

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