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Presentation of information related to the indicators for land salinity (Qld)

Marissa Ellis, Ross Bigwood

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Two pilot areas were selected for assessment of the national indicators relating to land salinity. They will be treated individually under a common set of headings. The first sub-catchment is Black Snake Creek in South East Queensland and the second is Pocket Creek in the Fitzroy basin.

The areas were selected as appropriate for this study through discussions with Department of Natural Resources and Water (NRW) staff including Soil Scientists and Land Resources Officers involved with dryland salinity and landscape management projects. Importantly, site selection also involved collaboration with the relevant regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) bodies (SEQ Catchments and Fitzroy Basin Association) and pertinent stakeholders including community groups, landholders and water authorities. In selecting the two sites, it was considered that a contrast in data availability and depth of analysis for two recognised dryland salinity afflicted areas would be valuable.

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Marissa Ellis, Ross Bigwood
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Final Report
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Department of Natural Resources and Water Queensland

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