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Socio-economic work plan

Pre-implementation review of the methodology to assess the capacity of regional organisations and the social foundations of NRM

Mark Fenton

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In 2004 under the socio-economic workplan, the NLWRA funded a project1 to develop a theoretical and methodological framework to monitor change in the capacity and performance of regional NRM bodies. The project entitled: “Socio-economic Indicators for NRM: Indicators of capacity, performance and change in regional NRM bodies” was based on a systems model of organisational capacity and performance and used both qualitative and quantitative indicators.
In 2005 the framework was incorporated into a broader Australian Government pilot project to develop indicators for monitoring and evaluating the social and institutional foundations of the NAPSWQ and NHT programs across Australia.

The project entitled “Refining Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating the Social and Institutional Foundations of Regional NRM Programs” extended the framework and indicators to include measures of institutional reform and community engagement. In this project a series of workshops in each State were undertaken to review the proposed methodology and develop indicators. In addition the methodology and indicators were trialled with three regional bodies in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. A description of the project methodology as used in the pilot study is presented in Appendix A.

In partnership with Queensland, the NLWRA then co-funded a further project in late 2005 to trial a subset of indicators with six NAPSWQ regional bodies in Queensland. The project, entitled “Monitoring and Evaluating the Performance of Regional NRM Bodies in Queensland: Applying a Capacity Model to the Performance of Regional Groups”, made use of the results from the national pilot project, collected data on the capacity and performance of regional bodies and provided the findings to participating regional bodies.

These projects were discussed at the November 2005 meeting of the SENCC3, where it was agreed there was a need to conduct a small pre implementation review of the indicators and methodology as developed under the national and Queensland pilot projects prior to any national implementation.

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Mark Fenton
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