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Sleeper and Alert Weeds

Where will they awaken as climate changes?

John K. Scott, Kathryn Batchelor, Noboru Ota and Paul Yeoh

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This fact sheet summarises the work Dr John K. Scott and his colleagues have completed using computer modelling of both plant characteristics and global climate change to predict how 41 of the nationally recognised ‘environmental alert’ species and agricultural ‘sleeper weeds’ are likely to behave as the effects of human-induced climate change become more apparent.

It is now scientifically accepted that Australia’s climate is changing and that these changes will continue over coming decades. Some weeds previously identified as either agricultural ‘sleeper weeds’ or weeds on ‘environmental alert’* are likely to spread as a result of these changes in climate.

This publication is one of a suite of 13 produced as part of a folder showcasing research from the Defeating the Weed Menace Research and Development program.

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You can order Sleeper and Alert Weeds in hard copy, by contacting Canprint and quoting the number PN22353.

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John K. Scott, Kathryn Batchelor, Noboru Ota and Paul Yeoh
PublishedMarch 2009
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Fact Sheet
Land and Water Australia

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