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Powerful Choices: transition to a biofuel economy in Australia

Mr Barney Foran

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  • PublishedJune 2009

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The Powerful Choices study uses a biophysical-economics model of the Australian economy to explore the capability of discrete low-carbon technologies to maintain economic growth, ensure energy security and reduce CO2 emissions out to 2051. The approach applies physical laws of thermodynamics and mass balance to established economic structures to ensure that financial dynamics are constrained by physical reality. Renewable electricity (bio-electricity, wind, solar thermal and solar photovoltaics) and advanced fossil electricity (high efficiency generators, carbon sequestration and storage, nuclear) are examined alone and in various combinations. Alternative transport fuel cycles are explored through renewable fuels (bio-methanol and bio-ethanol) and fossil-based oil replacements (compressed natural gas and shale oil).

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Mr Barney Foran
PublishedJune 2009
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Land and Water Australia

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