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Algal availability of phosphorus discharged from different catchment sources

Dr Rod Liver

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Algal Management Strategies, Nutrient Management Strategies and Catchment Management Plans frequently have as a major focus the reduction of phosphorus loads to surface waters. The expressed intention of the nutrient control is to reduce the frequency and intensity of algal blooms, particularly blooms of toxic cyanobacteria. In many instances a direct link between the magnitude of algal blooms and phosphorus loads has not been demonstrated. However, there is appreciable information in the scientific literature reporting on eutrophication that indicates phosphorus supply is likely to exert a major control on the intensity of algal blooms (Hecky and Kilham 1988). Certainly continued reduction in supply,
if possible, will eventually restrict algal growth (Sas 1989).

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Dr Rod Liver
PublishedAugust 2002
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Final Report

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