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Measuring return on 20 years of investment in natural resource management research & development

Stuart Pearson, Peter Chudleigh, Sarah Simpson & Nick Schofield

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One of the key Australian Government agencies for NRM R&D funding has been Land & Water Australia which invested an average A$14.4m per annum (in 2008/09 dollar terms) of core government funds from 1990 to 2009, typically leveraged two to three times from industry and other public sources. To understand the impact of this investment and attribute it to its funding partners and the Australian Government, LWA commenced development of a portfolio level, triple bottom line Return On Investment (TBL-ROI) method in 2002.

Also see Land & Water Australia’s Portfolio Return on Investment & Evaluation Case Studies and Land & Water Australia’s Portfolio Return on Investment

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Stuart Pearson, Peter Chudleigh, Sarah Simpson & Nick Schofield
PublishedJune 2010
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