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Land, Water and Wool - Managing for Sustainable Profit

P Day

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Information in ‘Land, Water & Wool: managing for sustainable profit’ is presented in five ways:

1. Executive summary – highlighting the main findings from the program. This presents the major messages and indicates the type of information contained within the report.

2. Overview – pulling together information from throughout the program and across all regions. It presents the key principles to sustainable grazing management and general information about how sheep can remain a productive element of future Australian landscapes.

3. Woolgrower perspectives – letting woolgrowers and researchers tell their stories about the issues they manage and how they go about it. Regional case studies are used to show how information from Land, Water & Wool is applied in the Pastoral, Wheat-Sheep and High Rainfall Zones.

4. Research summaries – highlighting the key research findings and their application, as well as directing readers to the main reports or management guides now available. The information is presented under sub-program titles dealing with themes of saltlands, native vegetation, rivers, pastoral, climate and future scenarios.

5. Product directory – a listing of all the documents produced by the entire Land, Water & Wool program (indexed by region, research theme and its intended use) is available at The on-line directory includes a snapshot, along with a summary of the information it presents and a PDF of the product.

You can order Land, Water and Wool - Managing for Sustainable Profit in hard copy, by contacting Canprint and quoting the number PR071253.

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