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Managing complex systems

Preliminary findings from Grain & Graze 2003 to 2008

Grain and Graze

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Grain & Graze aims to offer ideas and ways of thinking about complex issues. This report explores strategic matters of interest to mixed farmers, teasing out the options and exploring how they vary in different circumstances. It doesn’t seek to provide precise answers; it highlights issues and options to be considered and gives more insight into how they can be tackled by individuals seeking to develop solutions to their own unique set of circumstances.

Used as a strategic companion, this report will complement the array of problem-solving material available from Grain & Graze’s regional projects. It deals with issues such as deciding the appropriate balance between livestock and crops, designing farming systems that cope with variability, finding better ways to manage the complexity of modern farming, and understanding how to keep farms and their rural landscapes healthy and productive.

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Grain and Graze
PublishedJune 2008
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Land and Water Australia


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