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Provision for Cultural Values in Water Management

The Anmatyerr Story

N Rea

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This report was created in a spirit of “working together”, a term coined to capture the research by Don Presley, a senior Anmatyerr man.

This report is a case study of research which aims for Anmatyerr tyerrty (people) to be active ambassadors for their land and water in regional decision making processes, especially in relation to the Ti Tree Water Resource Strategy.

Water is central to the law and culture of Aboriginal people in Central Australia. There is a potential risk to the cultural values placed on this tangible and spiritual resource when water is diverted or used for economic, recreational or domestic purposes. A range of local to international policies, legislation and guidelines now entitle the interests of Aboriginal people.

You can order Provision for Cultural Values in Water Management in hard copy, by contacting Canprint and quoting the number PR081464.

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N Rea
PublishedJune 2008
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Final Report
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Land and Water Australia

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