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Climate Variability in Agriculture

1992 - 2002

To work with the Australian agricultural sector to develop and implement profitable and sustainable management strategies which prepare it to respond to the major opportunities and risks arising from climate variability.

Climate Variability in Agriculture Program (CVAP) supported the development of a range of information and products and built on the relatively recent developments in seasonal forecasting, particularly the forecasts that evolved from the improved understanding of the El Niño pattern. The CVAP portfolio emphasised generic approaches and tools together with capacity building to increase confidence in the understanding and use of seasonal climate forecasts.

What is Climate Variability in Agriculture?

Knowing more about what’s in store climate-wise, as well as how to best manage the risks and opportunities the season may bring is central to the profitable and sustainable future of Australian agriculture. The Climate Variability in Agriculture R&D Program (CVAP) was a national program which addressed these issues, with its aims being:

  • improved seasonal outlook forecasts from both improved statistical input and improvedcoupling of atmospheric and ocean models
  • integration of seasonal outlook forecasts with management decision-making in farm management, agribusiness management and in natural resource management (e.g. the agricultural production systems simulator—the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM), and the AussieGRASS and Streamflow packages)
  • enhanced availability of continuous historical climate data itself with an improved presentational format with advantages for decision-makers requiring data for use
    directly in different applications (Bureau of Meteorology SILO Information Reservoir)
  • increased availability of communication products associated with climate including the CLIMAG newsletter and fact sheets
  • a range of knowledge, products and tools emanating from joint projects with the commodity-specific Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) including grains,
    sugar, and dairy.

More information

The CVAP program has finished, visit the Managing Climate Variability Program website for the latest information.


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