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Innovation aimed to re-invigorate creative approaches to solving Australia’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) problems and maximize opportunities. Besides emphasising highly innovative projects Innovations supported skills and capacity building in NRM through scholarships and fellowships programs.

Innovation undertook joint activities with the Sustainable Landscapes, Sustainable Industries and People and Knowledge programs. 

Innovation Highlights

  • Innovation Call - highly innovative research addressing critical and emerging issues, developing new ideas and technologies.
  • PhD students - competitive scholarships based upon academic ability, scientific credibility and significance of the research for natural resource management.
  • Senior Research Fellows - designed to ‘free up’ a select few leading researchers to produce reflective, synthesis research.
  • Community Fellows - From 2001 - 2004 we funded more than 25 people who have worked within communities to tell their stories about living sustainably. They used  their community fellowships to write about, speak on or show people their work.

More Information

Contact Penny Worboys (Program Manager)

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