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Land and Water Australia

1990 - 2009

Land & Water Australia’s core business was as a research investor, with the aim of achieving the sustainable management and use of Australia’s natural resources. We also acted as a leading research broker, organising collaborative research and development programs.

We worked to increase knowledge, and encourage understanding and informed debate. We want to inspire innovation and action in managing our natural resources sustainably.


Land & Water Australia was a statutory research and development corporation within the Australian Government Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry portfolio. We were established as the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation in 1990 under the Primary Industries & Energy Research & Development (PIERD) Act 1989.


Through carefully targeted and well-managed research Land & Water Australia aimed to:

  • generate the uniquely Australian knowledge needed to improve Australian farming systems and consequent profitability
  • improve the way our natural resources are managed for sustainability
  • inform large public investments in natural capital
  • help governments balance competing demands on natural resources and rural landscapes


Working in partnerships with industry, universities and CSIRO, Land & Water Australia has been quietly making our food production systems safer and more environmentally friendly since 1990.

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