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National Land and Water Resources Audit

1997 - 2008

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The National Land and Water Resources Audit (the Audit), established in 1997 under the Natural Heritage Trust Act, has now finished its second phase of operation.

The second phase of the Audit (2002–2008) was a collaborative program between all States, Territories and the Australian Government, to provide data, information, and nationwide assessments of Australia’s natural resources.

The objectives of this second phase of the NLWRA over the six year period were to develop information to support the assessment of change in natural resources as a result of government programs.

To deliver these objectives the Audit has focused on:

  • identifying information needs
  • information management
  • reporting through assessments
  • building capabilities through partnerships
  • providing strategic advice on natural resource information

The Audit completed its operational activity on the 30th of June 2008.

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