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National Rivers Consortium

The National Rivers Consortium brings together organisations with responsibility and expertise to improve the health and management of Australia’s rivers. The Consortium is a strategic collaboration between policy makers, river managers and scientists.

The role of the Consortium is one of coordination and leadership in river restoration and protection, through sharing and enhancing the skills of its members. The member organisations that make up the Consortium continue to retain their autonomy, and their existing programs of management and research, while working to achieve shared river restoration goals.

The vision of the National Rivers Consortium is to achieve continuous improvement in the health of Australia’s rivers. This vision encompasses:

  • rivers, estuaries, wetlands, riparian zones and floodplains 
  • rehabilitating and restoring degraded rivers 
  • protecting rivers with retained natural values 
  • developing knowledge and building capacity for river restoration and protection in Australia

The Consortium’s objectives were to:

  • be a powerful advocate for improved practice in river restoration, protection and health; and will champion initiatives undertaken by members; 
  • invest in co-operative demonstration projects with members and community groups, to develop and test practical methods in river restoration and protection; 
  • be a national voice to change perceptions on rivers and to raise awareness of the benefits of restoring and protecting Australian rivers; 
  • broker new river research programs and activities, particularly integrating knowledge and skills across disciplines and organisations, and establishing strategic links between scientists and managers; 
  • establish capacity building and training activities that will assist members, focussing on successful strategies and methods in river rehabilitation and protection; 
  • be a source of information on river management and a provider of knowledge exchange services to members; 
  • develop quality assurance processes that will help guide river management, and facilitate national ‘best practice’ processes for river rehabilitation and protection; 
  •  tackle institutional and market failure, by providing solutions and resources to overcome critical impediments to river restoration and protection in social, economic, policy and legal arenas.

The National Rivers Consortium has now been disbanded as organizations work with the National Water Commission and other Commonwealth agencies to continue the work this Program began.

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