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National Wetlands Programme

Wetlands have often been regarded as unproductive land just waiting to be drained and used. However, this attitude is changing as wetlands are seen as natural filters, sources of biodiversity and areas of valuable habitat for bird and other animal life. Wetlands need to be conserved, rehabilitated and restored. Many wetlands occur on private or leasehold land and their long-term future needs to be fostered by both government and private sectors.

More information on Wetlands can be found at the Water for the Future portal.

The National Wetlands R&D Programme has highlighted seven key areas of concern: 

  • water regime;
  • contamination;
  • grazing and cropping practices;
  • invasive pests;
  • health monitoring;
  • wetlands value; and
  • information and technology transfer.

Research emphasis has been placed on investigation of clearing, draining and filling wetlands, altered water regimes, contaminants, and exotic weeds and pests. Issues relating to the valuation and monitoring of wetlands will also receive attention.

The program utilises the Department of the Environment and Heritage newsletter Wetland Australia and website . It has held a major national workshop and published its proceedings as Wetlands in a Dryland: Understanding for Management.

Collaborating organisations

Lead agency:

Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage

Funding partner:





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