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North Australia Programme

The North Australia Programme of R & D (NAP) was established in 1986 to serve the needs of the North Australian beef industry, with a strong R & D emphasis on increasing productivity and profitability.

The beef industry occupies the majority of land across Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. The 12.8 million cattle in the North account for about half of Australia's beef herd, almost half of Australia's national beef production and more than half of all beef exports.

Goals and Strategies

The 2000-2001 year was the final year of the Programme. The R&D emphasis within the final phase of the Programme was to develop grazing management systems to maintain or improve native pastures and the landscapes within which production occurs. Increasingly, the Programme worked with beef producers to integrate ecological sustainability with economic and social aspects of the beef production enterprises it serves.

Collaborating Organisations

Lead agency

Meat & Livestock Australia

Funding Partners

Land & Water Australia Water Australia (major funding partner) and Department of the Environment and Heritage.


  • Piloting of the application of an accredited Environmental Management System to Northern beef enterprises.
  • Integration of grazing and resource management practices into efficient and profitable whole property management systems.
  • The integration of resource management issues with other aspects of producer empowerment and skills building through the producer-driven Beef Plan project.
  • NAP has facilitated and funded several workshops, coordination meetings and producer demonstration sites and has assisted in creating a rewarding and dynamic relationship between producers, agribusiness, extension and research workers.
  • Through a major customer-focused needs analysis, and interaction with co-funding bodies and other key stakeholders, Meat & Livestock Australia has developed a five-year Northern Beef Programme that commenced on 1 July 2001.
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