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Ord Bonaparte Program

The Ord-Bonaparte Program was an innovative research and development partnership between government, researchers, industry and the wider East Kimberley community. It aimed to build on existing knowledge and activities in developing effective tools, methods, processes and strategies to underpin policy, planning and management for sustainable use of the region’s natural resources.

The Ord-Bonaparte Program was a partnership between Commonwealth, State and local agencies and organisations and the regional community, designed to meet the research and development needs of the East Kimberley in planning a sustainable future for the region.

The Program was developed following a Scoping Study conducted in 1999 by CSIRO for Land & Water Australia and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation which examined the issues critical to the sustainable development of tropical Australia. The study identified the Ord-Bonaparte Region as the best place to look at how development can proceed in northern Australia without repeating the mistakes that have proved so costly in the Murray Darling Basin and elsewhere in southern Australia.

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