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Farming without farming

Christine, Darryl, Colin, Bruce and Greg, want to redefine our attitude to land management, to think about Australian farming in new ways.

Each has a story to tell: about soil regeneration, or increasing biodiversity or increasing profitability. They believe in a new era, not simply planting and waiting for the results, but managing land for a range of living things.

They are a diverse group. Darryl, Colin and Bruce run mixed farms, Greg works for the company Earth Sanctuaries, and Christine Jones specialises in native grass and grasslands. They are pooling their talents to record past experiences in a manual and offer a challenge to future land managers.

Christine Jones’ chapter Recognise, Relate, Innovate is available by clicking on the link.

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Land & Water Australia. 2009. Farming without farming. [Online] (Updated April 16th, 2009)
Available at: [Accessed Friday 25th of October 2013 10:57:06 AM ].

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